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Visit Our Premiere Performance Center

Visit our Premiere Performance Center in Stoney Creek ON

Our first Canadian Performance Center is now open in Stoney Creek ON and hosted by Sports Specific Training.  The performance coaches at SST build individualized and specialized functional training programs that deliver for their athletes.  The goal of every program is simple … achieve results.

SST also believes in ballistic training – training that achieves not only increased strength, but also increased speed.  Every athlete wants to be fastest off the line, out of the block, or to the ball.  Functional training that includes ballistic exercises provides the speed and power athletes want.  Of course, good nutrition is central to any complete program, and SST can help there too.

“A perfect fit”

Cormax equipment allows athletes to train ballistically for both maximum explosive energy and maximum speed – in complete safety.  Jump squats with free weights can be dangerous, and injuries could be costly to the athlete and the team.  Cormax equipment will let you perform jump squats even up to your maximum capacity without the risk of injury!  Your coach can set the station so that the weight will not fall back down.  Could you lift more and train to a higher level if you knew you were completely safe?

Seeing is Believing

Stories and photos are good.  Videos are better.  But, seeing and using the equipment for yourself is without equal.  We dare you not to smile when you perform a bench press and feel and see the bar completely leave your hands.  When you train for explosive power and don’t have to hold back or halt the bar on the press, you’re training ballistically for maximum force.

Cormax Olympic StationTry the Olympic Lift by throwing the weight above your head.  We guarantee that you’ll feel like jumping out of the way the first time, but you’ll get used to seeing the way hang in mid air above your head and not come down.  In fact, follow the lift with a pull up on the bar – there’s an exercise that is impossible on any other equipment out there today.

“Unequaled safety”

Cormax equipment can be a fantastic addition to your training programs.  The safety is unequaled and the benefits are enormous.


See the videos demonstrating the unique capabilities of the Cormax Olympic Lift, the Cormax Jump Squat, and the Cormax Bench Press

Then, schedule a demonstration today.

See you soon.

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Welcome Larry Jusdanis … and Larry’s Blog

Xperformm is very pleased to announce a new blog contributed by Larry Jusdanis.   Larry is an accomplished personal trainer with a wealth of experience and a long list of accomplishments to his credit.  Himself a former CFL quarterback, Larry now owns and operates Sports Specific Training Inc. which offers personal strength and training programs for athletes in 8 Canadian locations.

We see a strong synergy between Larry’s approach and Cormax equipment

Larry Jusdanis

Larry Jusdanis

“We’re very pleased and honored to have the support of such a knowledgeable and well-respected sports professional,” said Grant Skinner, Executive Vice President at Xperformm Inc.  “Larry works with and trains hundreds of athletes annually, and we’re excited to be able to share in our blog the benefit of his experience.  We see a strong synergy between Larry’s approach to strength and conditioning training and the benefits and capabilities of Cormax equipment.”

Larry is an accomplished Strength and Conditioning Coach with more than 20 years of strength coaching and is a disciplined leader who demonstrates exceptional creativity in developing athletes and executing programs that consistently exceed expectations.  Larry is a results-oriented professional.

SSTAs the owner of Sports Specific Training Inc., a privately owned company, Larry is dedicated to the development of athletes of all ages. SST’s approach is quite unique in that they are committed to producing the best athlete possible through the development of strength, power, nutrition, agility, flexibility, motivation and FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH and SPEED.  During the past 7 years SST has become a leading expert in the field of FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH and SPEED!  Larry Jusdanis works with hundreds of athletes each year who excel in a wide range of sports, including:  baseball, basketball, figure skating, football, golf, hockey, skiing, soccer, and track and field.

Larry Jusdanis QB

Larry Jusdanis QB

Larry has a long list of personal and professional accomplishments:

  • First Canadian quarterback to start in a CFL game in the last 25 years
  • First Canadian Quarterback to be invited to the NFL Combine
  • Coached by Mike Krucyk (backup QB to Terry Bradshaw during the Pittsburgh Steeler years)
  • Broke numerous CIS and conference passing records while attending Acadia University
  • Until recently, he was the all-time leader in CIS passing history
  • Twice nominated as the MVP of the AUAA
  • Acadia led the nation in passing during each of Larry’s final 3 years
  • Impressive times in the CFL combine: 4.67 in the 40-yard dash time at 242 lbs
  • Larry’s forty-yard dash time for the NFL put him in the top 5th percentile for the League
  • Larry was drafted by the BC Lions and then traded to the Hamilton Tiger Cats in 1995. Larry started and/or played in 8 games with Hamilton
  • Larry finished his 3-year career, playing with the Montreal Alouettes and the Toronto Argonauts.  During his stint in the CFL Larry played with Matt Dunnigan, Doug Flutie, Anthony Calvillo and Tracey Ham.  Larry was coached by the likes of John Jenkins (coached two Heisman trophy winners) and Danny Macciocca
  • Founder and owner of Sports Specific Training Inc. (SST)
  • Founder and operator of and ELITE National Strength and Conditioning Company for athletes
  • Speed Director for the National Association of Speed and Explosion (2012-)
  • Strength/ Speed and Conditioning Coach, University of Guelph  (2013-)
  • Speed Consultant, Mater Dei (2012-)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach, Toronto Argonauts, CFL (2006-2009)
  • Strength and Conditioning Consultant, Hamilton Tiger Cats, CFL (2007-2008)
  • Speed Consultant, Cleveland Browns , NFL (2007)
  • BPhEd, Exercise Science, Acadia University
  • CPTN, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Level 4 Poliquin Certified Strength Coach
  • Level 3 Biosignature Coach
  • FAST – Founded Functional Applied Speed Training program for coaches and athletes

Watch for great new posts and content in the new “Larry’s Bloghere.

Contact Grant Skinner here: or 416.300.9194