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Experts Outsource, it is that simple! The 5% rule.

“Dot it myself, its cheaper and I’ll learn vs. get an expert to do it for me?” It’s a reasonable question no doubt BUT not a clever question. Sounds harsh well…. Imagine if your fitness clients went down the same road – “I can learn to train myself. I’ll get on the web and I’ll do the research. I’ll start as a beginner and grow into advanced”

Would you suggest anyone trains themselves or does their own nutrition? You know the pitfalls, the problems and dangers involved because you are an expert right? Same goes for almost everything in your health & fitness business.


BUT… it goes much deeper. Experts live, eat and sleep their passion and specialty. We become experts because we live the job everyday and constantly look for ways to learn/improve, to become better and bring the best to our clients. In fact you’ll often here the saying “I spend 100% of my day dedicated to training and my clients fitness goals”. The result is constant learning, constant change and most importantly constant improvement and clients know this. When you’ve trained with a specialist you’ll never go back to the “weekend warrior” way of fitness. Clients regularly pay 15%-20% even 25% more to train with a trainer that is highly skilled and good at what they do. They live it!

So, the question is why would you spend anytime in your fitness business doing something you’re not GREAT at, you’re not a EXPERT at? The 5% rule states – “DO NOT do anything for more than 5% of your day that is not CRITICAL for YOU to do.” It just takes away from the time you have for your clients and expertise. Sure you’ll get it done but, how good will the result be? Sure you’ll save a little money but, how much revenue or investment are you actually giving up on? Would you rather not be on the client side of getting it done?

Then there is your virtual team. Having more people vested in your business success is a sure way to ensure you distinguish your fitness business from your competition. Every time you engage an expert to deliver an aspect for you business you are in fact growing your team, a team that is ultimately dedicated to you and your clients. More people means more time, more skills and better results. Spend the 5% of your day making sure this team is focused and delivering on their promises. Also, the nice thing about being the client is that you benefit from a professional relationship where your agent or vendor wants to keep you as a client and will ensure they act accordingly. Let them work hard for you just as you do for your clients.

It’s simple “Experts outsource” that’s how they stay experts.

Our technology services are designed to make sure you spend no more than 5% of your day doing what you do best!

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