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6 Reasons your Web Site & Social could GROW your fitness/training business.

Do you feel like you are trapped in a game of Monopoly i.e. going round and round collecting the same “paycheck” or monthly income passing “Begin” every time. Your fitness and/or training business is tied to the hours available in a day/week/month which is a finite number so how do you grow? It is challenging to continuously add new clients while training existing clients and then find time to do the extra stuff like networking, skills development and all the back office stuff required to run your fitness / training business – GROWTH IS TOUGH.


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Well, it doesn’t have to be! Imagine having access to a booth at a fitness show 24X7 & 365 with new and existing customers visiting all day long? You would chat to them, give them stuff like “Guides” and “To Do’s”, do demo’s and build rapport with prospects quickly and effectively.  Sounds good but obviously not possible, right? Wrong! Your Web Site and Social Media Tools are the just the tools to get you the same results. People buy from people especially people they have a relationship with and trust. These key elements are the way to reach people and get them interested in your services.

So…. here are the 6 Reasons why your Web Site and Social Media tools will help you reach, engage and ultimately sell to so that you can really GROW YOUR CLIENT BASE, and increase revenues.

#1 – Your Identity

At the booth one of the 1st things people will identify with is your personal identity. Your energy level, your smile and your enthusiasm to meet them and engage with them in conversation and Q&A. Your Web Site should reflect this unique aspect by showing you in a well organized and structured manner that is all you. Your personal profile page and those of your team is a huge asset, introduce your self via video/audio and great pictures.

#2 – Your Skills and Specialties

People trust folks who clearly communicate and demonstrate their sills and expertise. You have the knowledge and experience to help them with their goals and challenges. Web pages and posts that effectively communicate what you can do and what you are good at will convince prospects that you and your gym are worthy of further time.

#3 – Your News, Events and Communication

Clients and prospective clients always want to know what happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen. Evidence of an active community or “a great community buzz” is evidence of a great place to be. Sharing information and regular communication demonstrates an environment of value and benefit, where people learn and enjoy success.

#4 – Your Product

What exactly is your product? Memberships, pricing, special offers, terms are all parts of a full product picture that prospective and new clients need when making buying decisions. This information is not simple and needs to be presented in just the right fashion to motivate folks to buy from you. Non-Core or additional products are also important so that members/clients don’t have to go elsewhere to buy.

#5 – Client evidence or Testimonials

When clients, especially prospective clients, can see evidence of your existing clients achieving their goals, having fun and remaining committed to your business they are 60% more likely to buy from you. Clear cut and well presented evidence presented directly by actual clients using your products and services will be the strongest communication tool for adding clients – no doubts.

#6 – Easy action

Finally, once you have presented prospective, returning or existing clients with all this great information and communication make any action easy i.e. make it easy for them to contact you, make it easy for them to buy from you and most importantly make the “action process” a welcoming one. Follow up an interaction or purchase with a “Thank You” or “Welcome” or “We’re excited to have you onboard”.


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Take a look at your current Web Site and Social Media tool and evaluate if they deliver on these 6 aspects because if they don’t……. these are the 6 reasons you will find growth difficult to achieve. Simply put go and make sure that you deliver on these 6 reasons for client to choose you and your gym/facility.