How to turn Clients into Members

A great way to address fitness and health client retention is to offer “Online Memberships”. Offered either before or after the client has actually bought fitness/training services from you this is a great offering that will keep you connected to people over the long term.


Online membership programs will do the following for you:

  • Keep you connected
  • Promote engagement through content and subject matter
  • Provide an additional platform for selling
  • Cover online costs
  • Build extended communities


Your prospects and clients have goals related to fitness, health, nutrition and sports and you know a lot that they will gladly pay for as long as you provide regular, quality and easy to consume information. You can bet that they are out there in the internet searching for it anyway, why not provide it for them as a paid service.



It really doesn’t take much actually! Like most things it is really a matter of setting a goal, allocating time and focus and then executing and being driven by achieving your goal. We have the services for you, but first…….


Charge something, anything

First you’ll be surprised how willing people are to pay for regular premium information that is just not that easy to obtain and second you’ll be even more surprised how much they’ll pay. Take for example a price point of $4.95 per month versus the next level of say $7.95 – if your product is good they’ll pay, remember it is a small transaction loaded monthly on the Visa and they forget about it.

In fact most folks will tell you that they’d rather pay for the good stuff than get spammed for some “free” membership. The point being pick your price point and deliver accordingly.

Also… offer real value for references or new members for e.g. “refer a friend and your next class is on us!”

Make them feel special online

It is well known that once a person feels like they are being let into the “premium space” they just feel better about it. A member login gives you the opportunity to personalize the experience “Welcome Janet” or “Hey Janet, have you seen this?” goes a long way in making people feel special. This will also give you the ability to ask for specific profile information which is worth $$$’s.

Making it mandatory to be a member before you are allowed to comment on content so that existing members feel protected from just anybody crowding out a service they enjoy using because they are paying members.


Provide regular “member benefits”

Ensure that as paying members folks enjoy the first chance at special pricing, premium events or surprise deals that only they can participate in. They might not always buy but, they will always want to be informed and have the choice. This works especially well when offers are personalized for specific members either by gender or specific interests etc..

Areas where this works very well in include nutrition, sports and technology because the consumption is short term and regular. If you don’t have the info or answers partner with somebody who will.

Ask for input for opinion

Opinion Polls and and surveys always work IF…. you follow up and deliver feedback and/or value. There is a level of learning and art to this element of memberships but, it will be well worth the time when you get it right.

In small groups this works really well when you want to recognize performance and achievement. “Vote for your choice of most improved XYZ” is a sure way to get for e.g. training groups or boot camp members to participate as members.

AND lastly…… as always…… always

Make it easy

The easier it is to become a member….. The easier it is to login and enjoy member benefits…… The easier it is to talk to you and get at information or answered questions…. and so on makes the choice to stay a member so much more a matter of value and choice than of cost.

Use every tool available to you make make things easy for members there are a lot of them out there.

What are some of the “Don’ts” you ask?

  • Don’t charge anything up front
  • Don’t ask for long term commitments, it is your job to secure ongoing value
  • Don’t make it difficult to exit as a member, if you’ve provided value they will return
  • Don’t “over do” anything i.e. spam, sell, ask etc.
  • Don’t leave any member disconnected from their benefits (we’ve all lost our password once or twice)

What do you need to get this effort going and start signing up members?

Not much actually, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get going and how quickly you become comfortable with setting and achieving your membership goals.

We’ll be happy to chat to you about this so give us a call or email today and get going. This is what we are here for, we make technology work for you and your business. Our services are designed as just that “SERVICES” not products that you have to buy and worry about yourself. We’ll make this happen!

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