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Facebook Groups–for those times you don’t need a full Page

As you obviously know having a Facebook Page for your sports/fitness business is pretty much essential. It is a direct link to existing clients and a very real link to everyone in your local or community. The Facebook Page works like a dedicated web site with your details, news and activity on it. You can use it to advertise, to connect people to your web site and so much more.


1) it takes some additional work & time.

2) sometimes using a Page can be an overkill.



ENTER Facebook Groups!


“Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. Groups are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, photos or documents and message other group members. You can also select one of three privacy options for each group you create.”


Where would you use Groups?

– When you have a select audience that is already part of your Page community but you’d like to further profile information selectively for them.

– When you’d like to share photos, files and docs with just a select group of people, not your whole community.

– When you’d like to create special events just for a select group of people.

– When you’d like to have a free messaging capability with a select group of people.

For more Q & A on how groups work CLICK HERE.


So some examples of you could deploy groups very effectively in your sports and/or fitness business:

  1. Nutrition – Most trainers/coaches will know how important proper nutrition is for a training and fitness regime. They will provides tips, specific recipes and even full on nutrition plans for client and athletes. The Groups functionality is just perfect for this kind of specific interest group of folks in your community.
  2. Classes – You all provide training classes created for specific groups of people or for the likes of Yoga, Spinning etc. Being able to share information, news and updates just for these class groups of folks is and ideal way to deploy the features in Facebook Groups.
  3. Teams – A lot of trainers and coaches provide services for sports teams (soccer, volley ball etc.) and having the ability to create an environment that includes the team members, coaches and parents. Providing schedules, games and training related information as well as recognition and achievements is a great way to enhance that team spirit and camaraderie.
  4. Specialty Training –  “Strength & Conditioning”, “Speed” and many more very specific training environments very often require a much deeper level of knowledge and information sharing. There’s the science behind it all, there’s research work and expert opinions that are just as much part of the work as the actual training and Facebook Groups will assist greatly here.




Now these are just examples of how you could put the Facebook Groups features to very good use in your fitness/training business but there’s more…..

There’s actual business benefit available that comes with the ability to selectively provide information:

  1. Premium Content – It is always a good strategy for growing your client base and paying customers to split the “Freemium” and the “Premium” content. For example, no problem giving away the odd low carb recipe but it is of value to your business to create paid nutrition plans.
  2. Course Material – If you have some services that can be done at home and you provide access to this material remotely be sure to retain control and charge for the important stuff.
  3. Memberships – Creating that monthly membership is something you already do for the actual training and fitness services and you know clients will pay because they trust you and value your product so… do the same with online memberships of any kind.
  4. “Elite Class” – then there’s times when it is always a good thing to reward your most loyal and regular clients with some form of “Elite” status that comes with goodies, bit n pieces that they don not have to pay for but, it comes “By Invitation Only”.


These are areas where a carefully constructed Group idea can become very valuable to your business and this Facebook feature is ready made just for you.

Having a social media plan that integrates all your social media tools, your web site and your content (pictures, videos and documents) and value for your clients is part of your business day and should be seen as an integral part of your planning and resource (people, time, cash) allocation. Using every inch of the “field” is important and knowing about this hidden gems in all the tools you use, not just Facebook, is going to make a difference in achieving your business objectives and goals.

Add Facebook to your blogging options.

All you fitness and sports training professionals out there already have regular blogs on your web sites right? And.. on your web site is where your blog posts should be, it’s the best place for you clients to find the information you are sharing with them, no doubts.

BUT… here’s another option.

Just last week Facebook announced some very cool – “Updates for Facebook Notes”. Now, “Notes” has been around for a while but honestly never really cut it for any serious or useful writing. These updates however are a notable step in the right direction for Facebook because as we know they are taking YouTube head on with video management and publishing and now it seems they’ve put a “toe in the water” with CMS (Content Management System) as well.

With this update, you can add a cover photo that represents what your note is all about. You can caption and resize photos, and format your text into headers, quotes or bullets. You’ll will also be able to create these new notes on the web, and they’re fully viewable on mobile.



How does it work you ask?

Pretty simple actually, which is good…. Facebook assume every note/blog post is written by a human being by name so they have added the “Notes” feature only to personal pages. You can then choose where and how you would like the note/blog post to be published including those company pages you are an admin user of. So, if you have created your gym’s Facebook page and maybe one or two more product pages you will be able to choose what to write and for which of the pages you manage. Gone are the days of trying to decide how many words to put into a normal Facebook “update” with pictures and web links added in. This feature allows you to add nicely formatted and content rich “blog posts” on Facebook.

WARNING – this is not a replacement for web site blog posts. Your web site is the key location for clients both existing and new. Your web site is your dynamic digital store front and signature and therefore should represent you, your services (classes, programs, camps and sports), your team and your facility in a unique. Remember Facebook looks exactly the same for everyone i.e. blue & white and their logo, not yours and that’s Ok because that is what your clients expect.

So, be sure to use this option to attract your clients back to your web site with the appropriate links and features. Hint – write a “Part I” on Facebook and “Part II” on your web site blog OR write 1/2 on Facebook and add a “For more read here.” link back to a complete blog on your site. The intent here is to provide Facebook users with a more useful and feature rich way of writing “notes”. You have all those hard earned “Likes” on your Facebook page and you can now share info with them in a more complete and professional manner.

Here’s the Facebook news post announcing this feature. READ HERE