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Don’t do manual systems! 6 reasons the “long run” is shorter than ever.

You’ve heard the expression “I can run my business on the back of a napkin”? Well, not quite that bad these days but, it is still pretty common to hear people tell of how they “can get along just fine” with Excel and/or Word to keep everything in their small business running smoothly. Now.. as with many things just because you can doesn’t mean you should. This is especially the case with a modern 21st century fitness and training facility / business. It will cost you in the long run, a long run which is substantially shorter today.


There are 6 KEY REASONS why you should commit to formal systems that are specially written for the health and fitness industry:

1) Cost – Software is not only much cheaper today than it has been in the past but mostly it is also available as an ongoing service type arrangement or “Software as a Service” as us technical folks like to call it. Pay for it as you use it and ensure your vendor is actively engaged in your success as you do so.

2) The Cloud – You no longer need any material hardware and physical technology to use or consume your software services. Most leading systems today are available from the cloud. All you need is the laptop and/or tablet you probably already have. This aspect also obviously makes point #1 more compelling.

3) Ubiquitous Connectivity – It is rare these days for anyone to be without a connection to the internet and therefor your cloud based systems. Whether it is an incidental connection at your favorite coffee shop or in your gym or home you always have access to your systems. Historically this was not possible unless you had connections into your facility exposing your systems to the outside world.

4) Security – The vendors of all cloud based system are really focused on providing secure private systems and data for hundreds and in most cases thousands of clients and their users. This means that they invest heavily and constantly in high level security platforms way above and beyond what you would have as a small business with limited technical and financial resources.

5) Ongoing upgrades – The competitive landscape demands that leading software vendors ensure that they are always abreast if not ahead of their competitors and retain a high percentage of their existing customers. Keeping existing customers happy is cheaper than finding new ones. So, for the same monthly price you are assured that you are never left behind on an old version of the software and become outdated or worse unsupported.

6) Clients expect it! – The big one, most clients deal with many of these aspects in their daily lives in some way, shape or form and know what’s possible AND expect the best from you. It’s a competitive aspect because if you don’t have it “the guy down the street” will.

In short… software is now not expensive, available on vendor hardware not yours, always available to you no matter where you are, very secure and certainly more secure than you could have provided for and your software is always up-to-date. Win win win win win and #6 WIN!

Examples of the types of systems available include Gym Management software (training schedules, billing, classes, training resources etc.) and ii) Emailing and “Customer Relationship Management” software. Also available are services companies like Xperformm Inc. who specialize in Web Site and Social Media services specifically for the health and Fitness industry.

All that is left for you to do? What you do best – providing 21st century fitness and wellness services with passion and energy that clients will love.

Our technology and services are aimed at you the very fitness coach referred to above