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Balance – Time & Money & Service

The gym and fitness industry today is as much affected by new technology today as ever before. Training professionals are faced with the ongoing challenge of maximizing their time on the gym floor but also time for business development, marketing and making sure that the business s running smoothly. Finding the time to attract new clients but at the same time find ways to attract new clients is an ongoing challenge.

The balance? Well, it is either Time – D.I.Y, or Money – pay a contractor or employee to do it OR find a Service partner that understands the specifics of the business sufficiently to provide a quality and consistent service.

In the technology world “just  about everything” is going down the road of “X” as a Service  e.g. SaaS (Software as a Service) which is basically “pay as you go software”, subscriptions for music, videos and movies. Almost all gym management software is now sold as an ongoing and online service. Training software is delivered on subscription licenses. The days are gone where pretty much anything is sold as an upfront cost or for that matter on long term, “tough to cancel” contracts and so it should be. Nobody pays big upfront costs for fitness and/or training.

This all makes sense because the days are also gone where for example – you design and implement your website once and leave it for months. Websites require monthly work and maintenance especially when connected with all the social media tools. Social media is most certainly a daily and weekly work requirement. Not to mention the ongoing ability to differentiate your business through content generation and delivery. So, matching your income with your expenses and removing almost all big bulky costs has never been more possible and in some cases easy. Service providers now understand that the right blend of technology and service is the modern requirement and service specialization in a chosen market just rounds things out nicely.

SO…. make sure you get into commercial relationships for all your gym and fitness technology requirements that are structured as month to month, no long term contracts and well designed monthly services that you can expand, contract or cancel whenever it makes sense for your gym / fitness business.

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