What to look for in Gym Management Systems

Ask many trainers or gym owners today “what do you look for in gym management SOFTWARE?” and you may find the typical or traditional response – “what’s it going to cost me?” Unfortunate because today the capabilities and benefits far outweigh the flat dollar value in fact, critically analyzed you are more likely to find that it is not an “if” rather a “which one” type question. Not having a management system is flat-out poor business sense.


So then, how does one approach the selection of a system that will take care of and manage your gym/spa/studio?

Well…. let’s start off by putting the client first, just as you do when engaging a new client. What are their fitness goals? How important is reaching these goals to them? The “client” being your business! How important is success? What are the business goals? How important are these goals ranked in priority? This type of discussion you’ll find places the cost element or question near the bottom of the page.

Our suggestion is view the process in order of your gym business process:


  1. Engage clients – present your business, it’s strengths and differentiators.
  2. Sale/Sell – make it easy and painless to deal with the actual sales transaction.
  3. Onboarding – get your new client feeling welcome and “part of the family” providing all the important info they need.
  4. Deliver/Train – This is the part your so good at but, your system should make this a premier experience with progress reporting, scheduling, communication and motivation.
  5. Retain – This is usually the tricky part, keep them coming back, provide ongoing value.

When we unpack this process you will begin to focus on system features and capabilities that enhance your gym’s profile in the eyes and experience of your valued client.

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