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With traditional strength training equipment, once you've completed the lift you're left in the dangerous position of having the full weight in the air - usually above your head. If you're lifting near your personal maximum, you may not have sufficient engergy left to bring the weight down safely. This is why Olympic lifters step out from underneath the weight after a lift and let it drop, and also why having a spotter when performing a bench press is a great idea. In Cormax equipment, it's all about the patented safety cylinder. This cylinder will prevent the weight from crashing down on you after your lift.
The patented safety cylinder is married with an adjustable resistance dial giving you full control over the amount of assistance the equipment will provide after your lift. At the minimum setting, no assistance is given and the equipment behaves similarly to traditional equipment. At the maximum setting, the weight will remain in the air after your lift. Setting the resistance dial closer to the maximum setting will allow you to focus all of your engergy on the lift itself without a concern for your personal safety.
Some athelets are strong. Others are fast. The best athletes are strong and fast. The slow speed contractions of traditional training techniques have limited transfer to sports. Cormax equipment is designed to allow athletes to train for speed (rate of force development) and maximum strength simultaneously, for superior results. Also, the ability to perform complex, mulit-joint functional movements rhythmically without stopping or dropping the weight can greatly benefit anyone's athleticism.
Only with Cormax can anyone safely perorm complex and explosive single arm or single leg movements. We have found that performing lifts like single arm cleans or overhead throws can greatlyl increase stabilization and performance.
By controlling the eccentric or deceleration phase of any type of lift, you can greatly reduce the muscle soreness typically associated with traditional weight training. This can be a great benefit to in season athletes who don't want to get sore but still want to work on rate of force development. It is a great benefit to older and general population clientele.
Cormax equipment was first developed to remove the eccentric load in any particular lift so you could safely concentrate on rate of force training. After opening a "working showroom" and training hundred of athletes we soon learned that we could train athletes many different ways using all the energy systems. Even dangerous complex lifts like a clean to overhead throw can be performed at a rapid pace in a plyometric fashion to produce superior results. Combining safety with high intensity full body training gives you virtually limitless ways to effectively train any athlete or general population clientele.
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The slow speed contractions of traditional free weight training will make you stronger but have limited transfer to sports. Even with proper supervision, performing any of these lifts with free weights can be extremely dangerous. Cormax equipment, with its patented “Safety Cylinder”, allows these lifts with maximum speed, intensity, and safety.

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