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Wearable technology is common place today. Watches, fitness trackers and even the first sign of clothing and exercise gear or garments. Some have been around for a while, some have unique features and the leaders are into the new generation products. All pretty exciting from the consumer point of view, variety and falling prices = happy consumer.

For the fitness industry or the "Pro-sumer" though things are little different. Blending the consumer approach to wearables with the fitness and training approach of formal training/fitness programs is not an easy task.

Gyms and Training establishments have questions:

  • How will wearables affect my business?
  • Which direction should I go?
  • Can wearables make me money?
  • Will wearables expand my fitness programs?
  • What about my sports teams?
  • Do I need to supply the units?
  • What do I do with the data that is collected?

A Business Approach

Our goal is to i) source the best "Consumer" and "Pro-sumer" products for you, ii) build a business case for the adoption of wearable technology and iii) create the operational model that you can easily adopt and grow with.

Partners - PUSH

Our partners at PUSH have one of the best "Pro-sumer" products available today. We will help you understand the product, adopt the technology as a component of your business as opposed to a standalone bit of fitness technology.
Here are some of the highlights:

  • Highly personalized training/coach approach.
  • Bluetooth enable for smart phones.
  • Hundreds of pre-built exercises.
  • Ability to create complete training routines for the gym and at home.
  • Online Access Portal for trainers ad coaches to manage clients and atheletes.
  • NCSA Approved
  • Geat company to work with and a growing customer base in semi and proffessional sports.

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The slow speed contractions of traditional free weight training will make you stronger but have limited transfer to sports. Even with proper supervision, performing any of these lifts with free weights can be extremely dangerous. Cormax equipment, with its patented “Safety Cylinder”, allows these lifts with maximum speed, intensity, and safety.

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